Renovations at Swift Tower

On Thursday night, a rain shield/roof was added to the chimney swift nesting tower in Saint Adolphe. The new structure, with a weather-proofed chimney and roof, was designed by Rob Stewart. The installation was executed by the Stewarts, and was overseen by several chimney swifts. We sincerely hope that the swifts were investigating a potential new nest site!

In other news, temperature probes were deployed in the Saint Adolphe tower and a nearby residence. Data from the probes will add to our understanding of conditions inside different types of chimneys.

Reports continue to come in regarding chimney swift sightings. So far, likely due to the poor weather conditions, numbers seem to be down, but sightings have been reported from Carman, Selkirk, Portage, Brandon, Saint Adolphe, Dauphin, and Winnipeg.

So keep those reports coming in and let’s hope that swift observations increase as temperatures warm up.

Frank M

Announcing a new report

The Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative has just posted a new report by Ken Wainwright about the intricacies of using a game trail camera to monitor chimney swift activity. The detailed report is based on sightings at a Dauphin roost site.

Click here to view “Monitoring of a chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica) roost site in Dauphin, Manitoba, utilizing a Reconyx game trail camera.” PDF format.

Frank M

They’re back!

Our swifts are back, and reports are coming in from monitors throughout southern Manitoba. Reports have come from Morden, Portage, Dauphin, Carman, Selkirk, Saint Adolphe and Winnipeg.

We recently installed an interpretive sign near the swift tower in Saint Adolphe, and additional signs will soon be placed near the Portage la Prairie and Windsor Park towers.

A number of resources for monitoring are available on the chimney swift page of the Nature Manitoba website. These include descriptions of the monitoring protocols, forms, and guides to monitoring and interpretation of observations. Check out

There’s still time to volunteer! For more information call Frank at 798-6275 or email

Frank M