News about the MCSI project:
We have just received official notification that our federal Eco-Action funding will be extended until September 2011 to allow us to complete this chimney swift monitoring season. The steering committee will discuss options for future funding at their next meeting.

Our interpretive signs have been installed at the Windsor Park, Saint Adolphe, and Portage la Prairie towers.

News about swift monitoring:
With the advent of warmer weather, more chimney swift reports have been coming in from around the province.

Large numbers of swifts have been reported at roosting sites in Carman, Selkirk, and Dauphin.

There have recently been a number of daytime sighting reports from Winnipeg. This includes a report of a large flock seen over Fort Whyte.

Saint Adolphe continues to show us why it’s the the chimney swift capital of Manitoba.

Selkirk and Portage la Prairie have seen witnessed the return of swifts.

Especially at some “known” Winnipeg sites, we’ve had late arrivals and some days in which swifts seem to be absent from chimneys that they occupied only days before.

So, keep those reports coming in!

If you’d like a chimney to stare at, get in touch!

Frank M

Report your sightings through the blog

As as a trial, you may submit your sighting reports of Manitoba chimney swifts as “comments” to this post.

Please submit the same information (dates, times, weather details, entries/exists, etc) that you would have entered on your monitoring forms.

Remember that there are links to many useful resources for swift monitors on the Nature Manitoba website at  http://www.naturemanitoba.ca/CHSW.html

Frank M