Going, going, gone ??

I’ve just added a number of recent reports to the monitoring results  spreadsheet, and it looks like we’ve had another mixed bag of results. Indications from sites like the well-observed Saint Adolphe area suggest some nest failure, while other areas (La Broquerie, St Johns Ravenscourt and some Portage Avenue sites come to mind) suggest “business at usual.” Numbers from our venerable roost sites seem to be down from past years.

We’ll take another look at the 2012 results when more of your reports come in.

Updated monitoring results may be seen at http://bit.ly/MABro1

We’ve certainly lost a few volunteers this year, but we have been able to get some data points from all sites that were active last year. We’ve even identified some “new” sites and received casual reports that point to other chimneys to check.

Reports recently received indicate that swifts have migrated from a number of sites– St. Adolphe, Carman, some Winnipeg sites like St Johns Ravenscourt and the Silver Heights/Moorgate area. Now would be a good time to check your sites to see if your swifts have “flown the coop.” As they say on the Internet “YMMV”- your mileage may vary…

Don’t forget to pass along your monitoring reports!  Thank you.

We’ll be having a meeting  on September 10 to discuss this year’s results and plan for the future of the program. If you have any suggestions regarding the Chimney Swift Initiative, please let me know!

Frank M

Feelin’ hot hot hot

Well, August is upon us and there seem to be more than a few new swifts in the air.

Recent monitoring reports are a mixed bag. Some formerly-active Winnipeg sites have seen little or no roost hour activity in 2012, yet reports from other locations seem to indicate successful breeding and “normal” numbers. Once I get more reports, I’ll post a proper update.

After a hot tip from a birder, Jacquie and I took a spin out to Clearwater and found two active sites– one at the former Clearwater School and the other at the adjacent Menorial Hall.

The summary of monitoring results is at

For your reading pleasure

Click the link to view a recent article from the Ottawa Citizen about the Onatrio chimney swift program.
Click the link to view the July 20 Bird Studies Canada newsletter with two articles about swift programs. Look in the “Regional” news area,

Things are looking up!
If you see any chimney swifts as you take a summer stroll or road trip. please send a note tot mbchimneyswift@gmail.com. You might be helping us to find a new roost or nest site!