Chimney Swifts return to sunny Manitoba!

We have finally received our first report of chimney swifts in Manitoba!

Barb Stewart reports that two swifts were seen foraging for food on Mother’s Day near the Catholic Church/cemetery in Saint Adolphe. They weren’t seen entering the nearby chimney, though.

I have some unsuccessful monitoring reports from Carman and Winnipeg, but we should have some favourable results soon!

Now that the weather is (hopefully) warming up,you might want to check “your” local site during the roost hour to see if swifts have returned.

Remember that monitoring forms and guidelines are available in the “resources” area of our website at

Should you have any questions or concerns about the 2013 monitoring season, please email or give me a call at 204-798-6275. If you would like to monitor a site of your own, please get in touch!

Our first nationally-coordinated monitoring date is coming up on Wednesday, May 22.

A New Tower goes up in southern Manitoba!

David Dawson has designed and erected another unique “artificial tree” for chimney swifts. The tower has been erected in the vicinity of La Broquerie.

 The tower is about 14 feet tall and is located about 1.4 kilometers from a known active chimney swift nest site.

Time will tell if the swifts take to their new home!

Join us for a swift night out

Monday, June 3 in Saint Adolphe
 (rain date June 10)

Meet at 8:00 pm in the parking lot

 of the Catholic Church

There are five active chimneys in the area, and there is an artificial nesting tower, too. There should be lots of activity as swifts search for insects and drop into nests in the area.

Saint Adolphe is 25 km south of Winnipeg on Hwy 200 (St Mary’s Road)


for more information, call 204-798-6275