Not so spooky news!


​The MCSI Steering Committee would like to introduce the latest addition to our flock. Diana Teal has joined us as the MCSI Habitat Stewardship and Outreach Coordinator. Coming to the team with experience in environmental studies, urban wildlife, teaching, and outreach activities, Diana is well suited to taking on chimney swift duties in Manitoba. Welcome Diana!

The focus of Diana’s work is captured in her title. “Habitat Stewardship” involves protecting roost/nest sites for use by chimney swifts. “Outreach Coordinator” activities will deal with organizing and implementing innovative ways of informing and educating the public about chimney swifts and MCSI activities. Over the next few weeks, Diana will be compiling a list of candidate chimneys that could be refurbished (cleaned, masonry repairs) or restored (uncapped, unlined) to provide habitat to chimney swifts. If you have monitored chimneys for MCSI recently, Diana may be in touch with you regarding the status of your roost/nest site chimney.
If you have any questions or feedback which you would like to provide, Diana may be reached at:  As this is a part-time position which has Diana working on Thursdays, there may be a time lag before you receive a reply. We appreciate your patience…
Any general chimney swift inquiries or monitoring questions can still be sent to and I will be happy to be in touch with you.
Our 2014 monitoring results will be posted in November. This will include databases for the National Roost Monitoring Program and the MCSI Roost/Nest Site Monitoring Program. Although the chimney swifts have left Manitoba, we are still working on their behalf. We welcome your input!