Swifts in the News

breaking_news_animated(1)There are a couple of stories in the news recently which may perk up peoples interest. The first is a mention of our Swift Champions Program (http://www.mbchimneyswift.ca/champion.html) in an article on CBC Manitoba about grouse populations in southern Manitoba. Here is the link

Another example of swifts in the news has winged its way to us from Sweden via the Washington Post. Unsurprisingly for any swift aficionados out there, it turns out that this incredible group of birds are world record holders in their own rights, thanks to spending an absolutely mind-boggling 10 consecutive months on the wing. That’s correct, some Common Swifts from Sweden do not leave the sky for 10 whole months and can fly over 10,000 miles without a single break. Wow! The impressive feat can be found in a piece packed full of interesting information by clicking on this link.

Tim Poole